A Few Experiences With Our Galactic Friends


(by Shurlene)

Black Female Astronauts In Space

I was once taken aboard a space craft that was commandeered by four beautiful, black women.  They looked very much like our women of earth, yet I knew that they were from another planet.  I recall the ship's interior as being very pristine.  After a conversation with these four entities, I observed them all take what seemed to be an assigned seat and I instinctively knew that it was my time to leave them.  I later recall that experience and marvel at their ability to pilot a ship.  How black women could do such a thing, I wondered.

Viewing something so spectacular was certainly outside my paradigm because of what the black woman's experience has been on this planet.  This experience told me that there is nothing that black women can't do.  We are already in outer space on other planets piloting spaceships.  I felt the need to share this experience with our black sisters, particularly, young black women, to hopefully help strengthen our pride and self-worth.

We are goddesses of the universe.  The feminine energy is returning to Mother Earth and, as a result, we will experience more of our greatness and this includes all women. And so it is! - Shurlene

A Different Spin on Cloning

I thought it might be interesting to share an experience about how some other Galactic civilizations practice the art of cloning. Many people may not be aware of this, but there are people in the UFO community who believe that scientists have acquired the ability to clone humans. Research reflects that these clones are then given a programmed memory of their original. We have surmised, that there would probably be a vacancy of a life force or soul in the clone.

On our planet, it is believed by some that various politicians and world leaders are clones. The clones are created to fulfill certain dark agendas.    

In stark contrast to what I described above, I would like to share a cloning experience that I witnessed on another planet. This story is not shared in our book, From The Motherland To The Mothership so I’d like to share it here. I was taken to a planet, name unknown, and was exposed to how this particular planet practices the art of cloning. First I viewed the original person. I noticed that the original man had an essence or energy within him. Then I viewed the clone. It was devoid of this energy even though its appearance was identical to the original man. Cloning everyday people was quite normal on this planet and the original person could even interact with their clone. I wasn’t told why they clone people on their planet, but it seemed to be a normal process.

Curiously, I was told that they never clone their leaders – period. I later surmised it was because their leaders are more evolved beings and as a result, their energy would not be transferred to a clone.


I once had the incredible experience of being taken out into the galaxy, viewing our planet from what would be an astronaut’s perspective. Words cannot really explain; however, I am going to try to give you an idea of what I saw.

Mother Earth was so beautiful. She had a pulse that I could see, much like a heartbeat pulsating. She was grand and glorious, and I looked at her in awe.  When I saw the planet earth, she felt and reminded me of a newborn baby being held in wonder, beauty and glory by her parents. Through this experience, I felt an immediate connection of love.

Would you do to your newborn baby the horrific things we have done to Mother Earth? Like a baby who depends on her parents for survival, our planet depends on us and this is what I gathered from this experience.

She is alive, sentient being who has allowed us a home to visit this lifetime and many other lifetimes, enable us to create, define and evolve as beings ourselves. We owe her so very much. Together we can help restore her to her pristine glory.

Imagine Mother Earth with a heartbeat like yours.

Mother Earth as she may look after ascension