Connecting With Our Galactic Friends

Have you ever watched a talk show that features the reuniting of long-missing relatives? I have watched many of these types of reunions and I've cried right along with the guests as I felt their joy, thrill and excitement of being united with a long, missing loved one.


I believe that those who have longed to be reunited with their missing relatives, feel a yearning similar to what our Galactic family feels about the exciting potential of reuniting with us once again someday. Although most of us don’t or can’t remember such bonds, our Galactic family has never forgotten, and longs to reunite with us in love and peace.


This may help explain why we’re seeing more spacecraft in our skies than ever before. We are moving into a wonderful, new energy where such a reunion is not only more than a distant thought or hope for many, it is in fact, inevitable.


Our souls are ageless.  Most of us have lived many places throughout the galaxy. Earth is but only one of those planets. Although we take on the veil of forgetfulness when we come into embodiment, we do so to create new experiences for our soul’s growth. Our subconscious remembers all, and our Galactic friends remember us.


Our Galactic friends are possibly millions of years more evolved, yet they would honor us as equals because they know that we are all one. Our Galactic friends have long since let the illusion of duality go, recognizing that we are all one and embrace that oneness for the beauty it offers.


Hollywood has done its best to frighten us with portrayals of negative aliens coming to control and dominate earthlings. These types of movies separate us from who we really are, beings of light and love. Fear places us out of harmony and vibration with those positive beings who want nothing more than to help us evolve. Fear is a very powerful vibration and we can choose fear or love. Unfortunately, the media is controlled and there are huge profits in producing fearful entertainment. Don’t allow fear to dominate.


It’s time we open our heart and make better decisions on what we choose for entertainment. The pathway to reunion with our Galactic family and friends is at hand.


The next time you’re outside on a beautiful sunny day or starlit night, you might try looking up. Someone from your Galactic family may just be looking back at you, waiting, hoping and yearning for the reunion of a lifetime.



Many people have asked “How are aliens going to help me in my daily life?” We all want to be more prosperous, have better health, live longer and ensure that we leave our planet better off for our children.

The answer to the above question could relate to the infinite knowledge that would be gleaned from our Galactic friends. We believe that there are races of non-human beings that are light years ahead of us in technology. How else would they travel here? What if they could share their free energy technology with us and help us clean up the pollution in our air and oceans? Energy is free in our universe. It is the Energy of Source and it is ours by divine right. It was never meant to be measured, put on grids, and sold for profit. How does a civilized society allow its citizens to die because they can’t afford to pay for water, gas or electricity?

What if our dependency on oil could be completely eradicated? Not only would that eliminate wars, but it would clean up the pollution on our planet. Scientists have already identified the rising levels of green house gases as a direct result of the burning of fossil fuels. What if our Galactic friends could help us reduce or totally eliminate our carbon footprint on the earth?

What if the need for hospitals as we know them became completely obsolete because all diseases were eradicated? Today’s hospitals could become tomorrow’s healing centers. What if our Galactic friends could show us how to extend our lives by ending the aging process? Some beings do not age unless they choose to. Others live hundreds of our years, and transition (what we call die) naturally. They understand that there is no death.

What if food, clothing, shelter and transportation were made available to every human being and not held ransom by the powerful elite? Imagine not having to pay a mortgage loan, a car note or an electric bill. What type of work might you choose if you had a choice to pursue your heart’s desire for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction it brings. Or you may even choose not to work at all. And if you chose not to work, there would be no shame or ridicule thrust upon you for your decision. You would never be branded “worthless,” “useless,” “lazy,” or a “burden on society.” You would always be honored and respected as a “master” no matter what your choice or chosen path.

The possibilities are endless. Some may think these are pipe dreams, but from our vast amount of studies and research, we believe it’s all possible. Our Galactic friends have mastered all of these wonderful realities and they openly await our invitation to show us how to achieve paradise on earth. Together, let’s create a new, better paradigm. The power is in our hands.