Recommended Books for Consciousness Raising

My Personal Reviews

by Shurlene


Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch- (all volumes)-Imagine having a conversation with God and having every question that you ever wondered about actually answered by God.   This author claims to have had just such an ongoing dialogue with God that spanned many years and resulted in many books that have been translated around the world. Unlike the vengeful, judgmental God of the Old Testament, in Neale’s dialogue with God we quickly find that God is loving, non-judgmental and even humorous. Neale throws every question one could conceive and God answers each question in an easy to understand, loving manner that leaves one to believe that it really is God talking.

Neale raises hard-hitting questions about life, death, marriage, love, sex, politics, education, healing, religion, money (or lack of money, as was his case), the existence of extraterrestrials and evolved beings in the universe, life on other planets, child rearing, gay lifestyles, pro-life choices, racism and much, much more. God answers questions lovingly, sometimes even humorously and we get an unparalleled look at God through an entirely different lens.

Neale’s questions and God’s answers leave the reader, in my opinion, with a feeling that one has actually heard from God because the ideas on these subjects are so far ahead of their time. I found the answers to Neale’s questions to sound somewhat radical from the way we think today, but as I contemplated the answers, they made perfect sense to me.

In spite of these unique concepts, God continually pours out love and is never commanding that we take any of this advice. God (he/she) always lovingly offers the advice as totally our choice to take or leave. Readers can decide for themselves if this is really God talking, but for me having read all of the books by this author and God, there is no doubt. These are powerful, life-changing, books that I highly recommend everyone reads.

Home With God: In A Life That Never Ends by Neale Donald Walsch and God - This is a warm, loving, and uplifting book that goes into complete detail about what happens at the moment of death. The concept of death itself is actually an illusion, because we don't die; we merely transition. Have you ever wondered what your loved ones experience, or what you may experience in that great moment of transition? If so, this powerful book addresses any question you may have ever had on the subject. The love, joy, incomprehensible beauty, and all that this journey encompasses can take away any fear you may be holding onto. God shares that the transition from our bodies is something we've done many times in other lives and that we are actually old hands at it, so to speak. This book also shares a new, mostly unheard concept which is that when we are in alignment with our souls, we can actually extend our lives or choose the time of our transition. Choosing the time of our transition will eliminate the diseases that we often attract that purposely lead to our departure. Also, we have connection with anyone we have ever loved who has transitioned because there is no such thing as time. Since time is another illusion, we are actually with them now. Everything exists in the moment of now. This book is an absolute must read.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay - This author healed herself of cancer with a change in her thought patterns. This was my first spiritual book that started me on my path. Along with re-patterning her thoughts, Ms. Hay introduces the concept through her book that “you create your own reality” through your thoughts. This book offered the first time that I had ever heard this idea, and it was a life-transforming concept for me. I had just ended a 23-year marriage and to think that I had created the marriage and the divorce on purpose for my soul’s evolution, was shocking and was my first true paradigm shift. This book forces one to take blame of anything out of the equation and face a stark truth; we actually do create our own reality.

The Shack by William Paul Young – This book is somewhat Christian oriented; however, in every religion certain truths exist if one looks for them. This book’s main theme is about forgiveness. It takes the reader on an incredible journey of a father who wrestles with the concept of forgiving the man who murdered his daughter. The entire thought seems utterly impossible, until he is taken to a beautiful shack in the wilderness and meets God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. An exchange of thoughts and ultimately a change of heart ensue. Although the book is fictional, one is left wondering if it isn’t actually based on reality in many ways. There is a big secret in this book, but I won’t give it away.   A must read.

The Coming of Tan by Riley Martin and O-Qua Tangin Wann – This book is another page turner. It is about a black man who experiences a hard, tough life. Some of his jobs have included farm hand, whiskey maker, fighter, body guard, construction worker and many other menial tasks (as he describes them). He also spent time in prison.

Riley lived life with no real direction or plan. His only plan was survival from the hard life he finds himself living.   His life changes so dramatically when he is taken aboard a spacecraft and interacts with a race of beings called the Biaviians. He also fathers hybrid children with the female Biaviians. The Biaviians expose him to greater truths than he has ever known and downloads him with knowledge well beyond his street smart ways.

Expect some profanity, anger, confusion, sarcasm, and the up-and-down roller coaster ride Martin is taken on with this group of extraterrestrials. Parts of it will have you laughing out loud. You won’t be able to put this book down. My sister and I personally know Riley and have been honored to lecture with him. He speaks so eloquently of his experiences that you will easily recognize that he has been downloaded with information far beyond what growing up in the streets could have ever taught him. A must read.

The Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre and Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, (volumes 1-13) - This series of books is absolutely incredible. It takes place in Russia where a successful business man named Vladimir meets a young woman named Anastasia, who lives in the woods. This woman possesses profound powers of healing, mind reading, appearing and disappearing, stopping bullets, deportation and instant manifestation. She describes a life of simplicity by going back to living life in communities that promote harmony and peace.

She communicates with trees, animals and plants. Her ancestors are buried on the homeland where she lives, and they often visit her. On some occasions during Vladimir’s visits with Anastasia, he travels to different dimensions of time and space, initiated by simply holding her hand. Among the many things Anastasia teaches Vladimir is instant manifestation techniques, how women can endure childbirth without pain, and how important one’s food intake is to spiritual evolution. Vladimir’s interaction with Anastasia makes him analyze his entire existence, he ultimately looks at life through much different lenses. This book is a must read for consciousness expansion.

The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks - This book presents the powerful basics of the original teachings of Abraham.  In addition, it embraces an age-old and universal law that says, that which is like unto itself, is drawn.  In this book, these two New York Times best selling authors explains how our vibrations attract all things to us.  Therefore, we want to keep our thoughts positive so that what we attract is what we really want.  This book will help you to joyously be, do or have anything that you want.

The Moses Code by James F. Twyman - This author presents an age old manifestation tool that according to Twyman can help you create miracles in your life, and in the world.  He reminds us of two powerful words, I AM.  This author believes that we are well on our way to manifesting our desires when we combine meditation with specific breathing techniques.

Macrobiotic Cooking by Michio and Aveline Kushi – This is a book I sought after visiting with our Galactic friends who introduced the word “macrobiotic” to me. When the Galactics introduced the word, I did not know its definition. After some researching, I learned that everything we eat creates a vibration. Our food either raises or lowers our vibration. Eating meat, for example, lowers our vibration and keeps us locked in the lower vibrations. Eating fruits and vegetables helps expand our consciousness and evolvement so that we can get off the karmic wheel of reincarnation. The idea that the foods we eat are that important to our evolvement was an entirely new concepts to me at the time, but I am very grateful that I was introduced to this way of eating by our Galactic friends.

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer– This is a powerful book on intention and how we can effectively put into play exactly what we choose to experience by intending it so.