Our Mission Statement

Our desire is to help the process of building a world that works for everyone, where resources are shared equitably among all people of the earth. We believe that Mother Earth is ascending, and as inhabitants of this planet we too, have this unique opportunity to ascend to higher levels of existence along with her.

Ascension simply means raising your vibration to experience higher dimensions of existence. Our desire in creating this website is to facilitate that process through the sharing of our personal experiences with star beings, the song that we created, and the books and videos that we recommend.

Another important purpose in creating this website is to further promote disclosure that extraterrestrials exist and are interacting with many of us, and would like to make their presence known on a global scale.

We believe that this is our destiny, the path that we have chosen, and the reason that we are all here at this momentous time in history. For we have all chosen this time to be here.

And So It Is



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