Favorite Quotes


"What is Here is Also There, What is There, Also Here. HeWho See Multiplicity But Not The One Indivisible Self Must Wander On and On From Death to Death", - Daily Hindu Wisdom


"Love Is The New Technology, The New Science and The New Politics" - John Smallman


"People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do" -Lewis Cass


"Some people come Into Our Lives, Leaving Footprints on our Hearts, and We are Never The Same," - Author Unknown


"Try Not To Become a Man of Success, But a Man of Value" - Albert Einstein


"Creating the Life of Your Dreams Is Only A Breath Away" - Author Unknown


"FEAR Is False Evidence Appearing Real" – Author Unknown


"That Which Is Divine Love will Never Create a Feeling or Experience of Mistreatment To Occur" - Abraham


"Can’t We All Just Get Along" – Rodney King