Potential 4-Week Plan for Disclosure

We have created a potential Disclosure scenario that we believe may possibly work in introducing our Galactic friends into our world. We invite you to please do the same as we help co-create this experience.


An Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) will announce that Galactic ships will hover uncloaked several hundred feet above populated areas for an hour each day all around the world. This will be done at the same time and in the same location each day. Everyone is encouraged to perform their daily routines as usual. For those who feel they need it, employers will be encouraged to allow a few days off from work for the initial shock of the ships appearances. Regular broadcasting will be interrupted by continuous feed from the Galactics. Many hidden truths will be revealed about our true origin and the history of our planet. The messages will state that they come in peace to aid mankind in our transition and our evolution. Any aggressive actions by utilizing earth weapons against the Galactics, will be rendered useless.  


The Galactic Ships will land in open areas within the proximity of original sightings all around the world and will remain grounded. During this phase, information regarding their visitation will continue. 


Anyone desiring to, will be offered the opportunity to tour the interior of the ships. The tours will be video-taped and shown on television and the Internet. This will be done to promote good will and alleviate any lingering fears that people may have. 



Occupants of Galactic ships stationed around the world will disembark and greet mankind at this time. A prepared statement will be offered by the Galactics to the people of earth. The prepared statement will be televised and understood in all languages. 
This part of the plan will move quite rapidly as mankind is invited into healing chambers of light that will eradicate all disease (both physical and mental). Invitations from our Galactic friends to visit light chambers will be offered and made available for rest and regeneration of our physical bodies. The light chambers will provide eradication of all disease, age regression if desired, re-growth of lost teeth, hair, limbs, restoration of eye-sight, hearing and anything the individual desires.

All prosperity packages and revaluations of currencies will be immediately released. The National Economic Security and Reformation Act, (NESARA) also known as GESARA, (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act), will be executed immediately to include the elimination of all personal debt, and eradication of taxes worldwide. (For more information about NESARA, (please see the NESARA link on this website). Technologies that have been suppressed by our governments will now be released and new ones will be introduced by our Galactic friends. These new technologies will help to clean up our oceans and air, preserve our valuable rain forest, eradicate the need for pesticides in our farming, and provide free energy, and clean and “living” water throughout the world, thereby creating a better quality of life for all.

Together, we and our Galactic friends will initiate a new Golden Age of Peace, Love, Joy, abundance and harmony for all mankind.