Movie Producers/Financiers Wanted


"The Liberation of Planet Earth”:

Genre: Docu-Drama with Sci-Fi Elements. Parts based on a true story with fiction added for dramatization.


Seeking an “Out of the Box” thinking producer/financier interested in forging a new path in filmmaking. Persons that we are seeking to partner with must be courageous enough to expose hidden truths, cover-ups and deceptions that has misled mankind for decades. Become a part of filmmaking history, the world awaits the truth and Yes, We Can Handle The Truth.




This story is about an African-American woman’s plight of interactions with both benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials. Her strange new interactions with ET’s leads her and her identical twin sister, also involved in the phenomenon, down a rabbit-hole that uncovers a shadow, covert group of ET’s and secret military sects working together to deceive and control mankind.


Please respond to or for screenplay request and consideration. Only serious inquires please.


Thank you for your interest.