How I Travel the Universe

Throughout the years, as my sister and I have been guest speakers on various radio talk shows, many people have asked how I came to have these experiences; why I was chosen. Another popular question is how these beings take me on these excursions. While this is described in our book, From The Motherland To The Mothership, I would like to offer a brief explanation here.

I don’t believe that I or my sister was necessarily chosen as much as we chose these experiences for this lifetime. We feel that it is part of our life’s work, and there are hundreds of thousands of people around the planet who are having similar experiences with varying degrees of memory of it.

As far as travelling with my Galactic friends, the method of transport varies. Fear cannot be a factor. Sometimes I am taken astrally and sometimes I am taken physically. On the occasions when I have been taken astrally, my energy or soul has left my body while my body has remained in bed. Some people refer to this as astral projection. On one occasion, I remember being transferred through the walls of my apartment and once outside, hovering above my apartment while looking down at my apartment building, the swimming pool and trees. On another occasion, when my soul essence left and took flight, I remember flying through the universe totally unescorted and unencumbered. I put my hands out in front of me like the old Superman character. I instinctively know where I am going.


When I am taken physically, my body is molecularly broken down, and reassembled in the designated place that I am visiting. These are the best descriptions that I can offer to explain what feels like the unexplainable or unimaginable and I hope it answers the question about how I travel to these various realms of time and space

- Shurlene